affiliate marketing

In order to drive buzz and awareness of the BOURN Relentless supplement line, we utilized certain applicable components from our clients existing nutrition program to strategically design an Affiliate Program that employs components of both marketplaces, bringing the two operations closer together to providing a sense of familiarity to a group of influencers within a community.

We developed a plan: Create an internal education platform focused on educating and promoting a community of influencers to help create a halo effect of awareness within the community.


the program

To amplify brand awareness, we had to focus our efforts on social content and affiliate strategy for two brands to gain enough traction to bring the two channels closer together. By combining the supplements with smoothie recipes from our client’s existing nutrition program, not only were we able to cross-promote the products across all channels, but we were able to feature a unique value proposition since the collaboration was an ‘exclusive offer.’

By continuing to provide the affiliates with valuable, eye-catching content, they started to feel a sense of community and within 3 months their engagement/performance on their channels jumped from 1-2 sales/month to 81-84 sales/month.

This was a successful case of combining affiliate strategy, social content and proper training to deliver performance-based brand advocacy to an engaged audience.