Building Better Brands for a Better World

A small creative collaborative with big goals to revolutionize branding and advertising.

In a sea of the same, almost every creative strives to be different – to create something no one has done before, to pave the way for a new era of advertising that touches people’s souls through their five (sometimes six) senses.

We aren’t just creators. We are sensory masters and ambiance setters; we decide how a product or experience should make a person feel at almost any moment. We are producers of emotions that impact waves of societies and cultures. For that reason, we are accountable, not just to our clients, but to every person our creations touch and for our potential impact on the greater good.

Favorite Campaigns:
Citibank, Citibikes
Converse “Fight The Grey”
Dove Beauty (I mean, DUH)

Favorite Brands / Social Enterprises:
Burt’s Bees

These campaigns and companies embody the altruistic capacity under which brands have an obligation to operate. They promote many manners of corporate social responsibility, including sustainability, safe and fair working conditions, social entrepreneurship, and fighting negative social norms and stereotypes.

With brands like these paving the way, why are we still living in a world filled with Mad Men-style ads and phony digital media ploys to gain human attention? (Click bait is alive and well.) One of the most jarring statistics I read early in my career is that Americans spend nearly $500 billion in advertising each year, YET it would take just a fraction of that, somewhere close to $11 billion, to cure malaria. (I know what you’re thinking – I had that same thought.) Big brands and businesses have a massive platform on which to promote humanitarian values. So why aren’t we doing more to capitalize on an opportunity to do great work by  improving society and the way we live?

Simply put, I seek to create a space for brands to come to once the rest of the industry finally reaches its tipping point. Traditional advertising and marketing are things of the past. Transparency, accountability, and authentic brand interaction are in demand. Thus, social change and the promotion of corporate social responsibility are our obligations as creators, broadcasters, publishers, influencers, advertisers, and most importantly HUMANS.

But how? How do we convince brands to spend dollars on campaigns aimed to repair infrastructure,  improve public transportation, end childhood hunger, or raise awareness about environmental sustainability? Don’t get me wrong, it’s starting to happen, and big data will continue to provide us appropriate insight on customer profiles and habits to shape this new way of advertising. But for now, but our first reaction is to respond with the same path we’ve always followed, rather than forging a new one.

Okay, rant over...

Overall, my goal as a creative director and brand strategist isn’t to just help build better brands through creative campaigns, it’s to go a step further and change the way people think, react, and DO. I chose this route because I was born to create and born to share. My frustrations now lie in just how we can accomplish that goal on a global humanitarian scale through advertising and marketing mediums.


Beam Collective