A Creator Story - How Independent Creatives Are Shaping The World And Why We Must Celebrate Them


Our mission is to celebrate creative independence and to ignite waves of authentic, meaningful influence. We take pride in our collective community by highlighting passions within a creative on their journey to building brighter futures. Since February, our collective has grown continuously and includes many types of creatives from entrepreneurs, artists, designers, photographers, videographers and everyone in-between. Creatives of our #MyWhy campaign give us a glimpse of what inspires or motivates them to create and the mediums they choose to do so. Our agency not only connects creatives with the brands they love, but features the talent behind the work.

 At BEAM Collective, we amplify influence and ignite creatives to grow and challenge their passions.

Here are a few of our favorite creatives and their stories. See more on our Instagram page!

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Paint to Heal

Taylor Lee | @taylorleepaints
Taylor Lee is most recognized for her bold use of concentrated color that often incorporates free-spirited marks that create dichotomies between the wild and thoughtful, the bold and vulnerable. She now also. teaches workshops on how to channel mental illness into expressive artwork. Taylor has bipolar disorder, and has found freedom through painting. She sees the world through the ever twisting kaleidoscope of mania, experiencing extreme periods of high energy regularly as a result of bipolar disorder. Still, Taylor finds ways to bring the reality of a stigmatized mental illness into a celebratory light, creating paintings that are buzzing with energy, movement, and loud colors.

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Chase Your Dream

Anna Haddock | @annakhaddock

I grew up feeling like everyone had something special that they could do except for me. My peers played sports, dancers, designers, and artists. I could write well, had an eye for the unusual, and had an interest in how other people were influencers to me. Life changed when I realized that I could turn my interests and talents into a work of art that no one else around me was creating.

I wanted to shine light on pieces of life in a different way than usual. I wanted to put thought into what I posted and make it mean something to me, in hopes of also translating that to others. I want the pretty little things I share and the brands I work with to be important to me and I to them as a creator. I hope to continue being a light & for you all to join me on this journey!


Self Worth Warrior

Ashton Long | @theauthenticwomanseries, a platform that empowers women to be authentically and fiercely THEMSELVES! I created this platform in order to tell every woman on the planet that SHE IS GOOD ENOUGH! No matter what she looks like, wears or has... her worth is inherently hers! We released our first product - an interactive book series (think book meets magazine meets self help guide), and Volume I and II are available on our website right now! Check it out here: @theauthenticwomanseries


Nuture The Journey Of Others

Brian Wong | @brianjwong

I believe strongly in sharing. Sharing not just finished work, but ideas, thought processes, and even difficulties along the way. I realize that I did not get where I am today without others who have shared their learnings with me in one way or another. I feel that embracing the community and giving back your own knowledge to help others is the next level of maturity as a professional.



Thank you to all the creatives who participated in our #MyWhy campaign. We look forward to more creatives to engage, share, and build together as a part of our collective. If you would like to share your story on our platform and inspire others email us at 👉hello@beamcollective.co