Transformative Brands and the future of Marketing and Advertising

The world is fast changing, every day it seems like we slough off traditional roles like they’re dead skin and replace them with modern, shinier approaches towards solving the same problems. And this discarding of traditionalism in favor of modernism is now beginning to sweep through the advertising and marketing industry. Newer approaches are being taken by advertisers to generate the required buzz and interest in a product or service amongst the masses. And Companies in need of serious advertising and marketing are starting to request for services that are miles away from how agencies generally run their campaigns.

An ad campaign done now will have an entirely different endpoint from one done about 10 years ago even though at the end of the day conversion into sales is the ultimate goal. People are starting to look for professionals who can create a personalized brand for them, they are no longer content to just place an advert and go their merry ways. They want to see a connection, a bond, a strong social media presence, they basically want their products to become a lifestyle. 

On the part of consumers, who are the target of these adverts and marketing strategies is a strong need to see the brands they spend their hard-earned money on, stand for something. The average consumer these days wants to feel like they’re giving their money out to companies that are deserving of it. This has led to company’s political stands, their stands on social issues, economic problems, even hiring policies, now being exchanged for loyalty and money by consumers. 

To fulfill all these desires being expressed by clients and consumers, advertising and marketing strategies have to be transformed. To create a successful campaign in 2018, professionals have to go deep into a company’s profile and really find either what they stand for, or what their core consumers would like for them to stand for. Brands should be able to take their consumers on interesting journeys, giving consumers a glimpse into how they operate and what drives their business. Giving meaning to a brand and elevating it from just a concrete building trying to sell stuff, to real people who believe their product has a unique purpose and adds value to life can take a campaign to unimaginable heights.

Once you have determined the core values of a company and the general direction an ad campaign should go, the next best thing is to develop a singular theme. Consumers should think of your brand and have a clear idea of what they stand for. A good example is the pop star Rihanna’s, Fenty Beauty makeup brand; once a consumer thinks of Fenty they think of diversity, inclusivity, makeup that fits all skin tones and undertones. The brand has carved out a niche for itself as the brand that seeks to be the most universal, consumers can really relate to this and are spending accordingly.

Being an advertising or marketing person in 2018 involves more than just creating a campaign. It involves creating a story for the brand, breathing life into a product and forging a strong bond between a product and consumers.

Beam Collective