The Power of Influence - Designing Brighter Futures for Our Youth


The value and impact of arts education on adolescents

is often self-evident to artists, musicians, and arts educators. However, the arts community is frequently called upon to justify the expenses of arts education. Constantly having to provide evidence that engaging in arts eduction and arts experiences make a meaningful, positive difference in the lives of students - let alone strong developmental success. 

At Beam Collective it is our mission to shape the way independent creatives work with brands and vice versa. A large part of that mission is driven by our goal to inspire social change towards arts education and design brighter futures for our youth. Our hope is to inspire organizations to serve as an extension of these programs and provide children the opportunity to grow and expand talents into flourishing careers. 

That's why, with a heart for art, we are excited to partner with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County to invite kids from their multimedia studio program to join professional photo and video shoots. Here, we hope to provide a greater sense of a profession which celebrates self-expression and an artistic skill-set as a means to communicate a message.

This Spring, we were fortunate to work with Kiara T., a talented young woman with a keen eye for portraits, composition, and style. We collaborated alongside Forever Bridal, HQ Events and multiple wedding vendors to produce branded content on behalf of Glenwood South Tailors.

Here is Kiara's story:

"My name is Kiara Thaxton and I am now a senior at Middle Creek High School. I have been an aspiring photographer since the age 14 when my grandfather first introduced me to the camera. He taught me everything he learned about photography. I have been a member at the Boys and Girls Club teen center in Raleigh, NC for over three years. During my time there, I have been able to participate in several projects such as photo shoots for EP covers, three music videos, sports photography, and photoshoots for NC State University cyphers. I also do a lot of photography work at my church. I have helped photograph two gospel concerts, numerous youth events, and events held by the men’s department and the women’s department of the church.

Aside from that, I have personally photographed multiple birthday parties, baby showers, and private weddings. I’ve worked with event planners, worked on prom shoots, senior portraits and portraits. To get more experience I have a handful of mentors. With their help, I have assisted with several weddings, engagement shoots, events held at NC State and newborn photo shoots. One of my mentors, Sean King, introduced me to Angel Bailey. Angel reached out to me and invited me to assist with a photo shoot for a Raleigh tailor. I have assisted many photographers with shoots, but I have never been able to partake in a photoshoot held by an entire team of professional models, stylists and photographers and producers for a specific brand.

I was able to work with a number of people such as: Beam Collective, Glenwood South Tailors, Carolina Bridal World, Models for Charity and Bill Hamilton. This was the first time I have ever teamed up with any businesses, companies or have even been able to work with real models. The flowers from Bill Hamilton and dresses from Carolina Bridal were absolutely beautiful on the models. Overall, I would have to say working with everyone there was just an AWESOME experience. Working with Beam Collective has definitely made me want to branch out and do more projects with groups and businesses."


To learn more about our involvement with the Boys and Girls Clubs art programs check out A video we created to promote the "Appetite for Art event", resulting in over $100k donations over the course of three years. Donations went to fund art and media programs within the clubs and teen center.