Beam Collective’s multifaceted approach to brand and business strategy has helped bring a cutting edge to our practice in an authentic and engaging way.
— Joseph A. Franklin, MD, FACS

reveal your best self - renewed

A brand is the most valuable asset of any medical aesthetic practice – it’s the sum of how patients perceive your value, experience, and your services. Thus, your brand is where your practice’s reputation meets it’s visibility. In an ever evolving landscape, we know the importance of education and safety which is why we’ve partnered with the brightest minds to strategically deliver results as distinct as the transformation you provide patients. As a strategic partner of Franklin Plastic Surgery, we realized several opportunities; lead generation from social media outlets, inconsistent branded content and patient communication failed to produce consistent results across retention and loyalty.

Plastic Surgery Consulting North Carolina


As a seasoned board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 15 years of experience, Dr. Joseph A. Franklin, MD, FAC and the team at Franklin Plastic Surgery were not only in need of a brand refresh, but strategic content and business development initiatives that would help the practice grow within their new regional market of Cary, North Carolina. With that, we established content automation tools and systems and broadened community relationships to provide additional outlets for patient engagement. Additionally, we sought to optimize platforms such as Real Self and YouTube for a more personalized spin on patient/physician interaction and education.