a love for local

What do you get when you combine the power of the American dollar with independent merchants across the nation? A stronger economy which supports quality and social impact over mass production by shopping local all in one place at IndieGoodz. Before the Targets and the Amazons, small business owners were recognized and revered for the passion and quality they put into creating their products. As this startup was looking to change the world one dollar at a time, our values aligned to help them take those first steps towards economic reform.



From SXSW to Main Street USA, we served as an extension of the internal teams to develop and execute on marketing strategies and programs. Focusing on brand launch and merchant acquisition, our goal was to establish the brand and develop ongoing partnerships with merchants and influencers across the country. By developing strategic goals towards branding, partnerships and content, we watched the brand flourish from 10 merchants to over 400 across 150 US cities.

For us, it’s imperative our values align with those of our client partners, which is why we were so excited to have a part of start of Indie Goodz.