In order to meet the objectives of the new website, a large amount of research and content had to be restructured. To do so, we brought in experts from Duke University’s environmental program to collaborate within the strategic approach to visual representations of sustainability within the production and manufacturing of zinc. The result was a an interactive design which showcased research, white-papers, videos, and statistics relative to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The concept was successfully presented and well received at an international conference amongst industry professionals.


sustainability storytelling

The International Zinc Association and its members are committed to the principle of sustainability with the belief that the protection of the environment, and supporting sustainable development practices help drive long-term prosperity for the zinc industry enabling its customers to become more sustainable through the use of zinc products. With the introduction of the United Nationals Sustainable Development Goals, IZA came to us to help merge the missions in an interactive and engaging way for both customers and researchers. Additionally, the challenge was to ensure the new website could live cohesively amongst the larger eco-system of websites while creating and maintaining brand standards.

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